A shot of light


A shot of Light… Like something hitting you straight between the eyes. This sensation is what the sailors of old must have felt on board their ships as the White Mountain came into view in the distance.

Emerging from the sea horizon, intensely blue, what was to become a watchtower and founding reference of the city appeared before the eyes of Greeks, Phoenicians and other peoples who ventured into the unknown west, a flash in the distance, and a reason for respite, a place full of hope.

The coast sure and steadfast… 
Sailing, literally, between myth, legend and history, the original – and one might almost say most direct – image of Alicante would end up being identified with its most obvious and nearest geographical feature. And of course the most liked by its people through the ages.
And so, from merely being observed as an element of the landscape,  came to represent something more than an unquestionable icon. This ownership of light, as if emerging from within the mountain rather than a mere reflection of the sun, would eventually become refined in the imagination of the city to bequeath nothing less than the name itself.

The mythical Leukon Teijos where legend is confused with history, the Akra Leuka coveted by the Punics, the quiet Roman Lucentum mentioned by Pliny II, the Lakant of the crescent moon, the Alacant of Alphonse X and James II, the Alicante that we all know: the unquestionable and definitive City of Light … Mount Benacantil, as it is now known, is the great visual reference, in this case the natural landmark, from which all scales are drawn and on which all gazes are focused at some time or another.


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Source: Valencian Community Tourism Board

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