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Andalusia is a consolidated tourist destination among the main world tourist markets. Its privileged climate; the characteristic contrast of its landscape; a monumental legacy that is the fruit of its long history, which boasts some of the most beautiful buildings and quarters in the world as is confirmed by the fact of their having been declared World Heritage Sites; a natural heritage that has one of the largest areas of protected spaces in Europe; unique festivals that reflect perfectly the open and cheerful character of the Andalusians, and a gastronomy of recognised international prestige thanks to the extreme quality of its products, make Andalusia a special place that will seduce anyone who visits it. Come and get to know us, come and enjoy us.

A bridge joining Africa and Europe and a meeting point for the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Andalusia borders on Portugal to the west, Extremadura to the north-west, Castilla- La Mancha to the north, and Murcia to the east. The territory of Andalusia represents 17. 3% of Spain, with a total area of 87.268 Km2.

Andalusia is one of the hottest regions in the whole of Europe. Its over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and an average annual temperature of some 16 oC make it one of the most sought-after destinations. Its diversity of landscape is due to its climate and its relief, with contrast being the norm. A range of formations is generated from the warm valley of the Guadalquivir to the leafy uplands halfway up the moun- tains, passing through volcanic landscapes such as the Tabernas Desert (unique in Europe), wide virgin beaches, and the white peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

The river of Andalusia, the Guadalquivir, well named by the Arabs the “Great River”, forms a fertile valley to which it gives its name, constituting the fundamental axis that shapes Andalusia physically with its tributary the Genil.

The age-old history of this land, populated since Prehistory, has left an immense artistic legacy that is shared by the whole of Andalusia. The following have been declared World Heritage Sites: El Alhambra, El Generalife, and El Albaicín of Granada; the Fortress, the Cathedral, and the Archive of the Indies of Seville; the Mosque and the Historic Centre of Córdoba; and the Renaissance towns of Úbeda and Baeza.


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Source: Andalusia Tourism Board

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