A miniature continent


Gran Canaria is a truly “Miniature Continent”, a unique feature of the island that has led the UNESCO to declare over 40% of it a World Biosphere Reserve. An Island of contrast. Gran Canaria, an island of contrasts, with a spectacular picture postcard landscape which stands out for its wealth of natural beauty, its micro climates and its unique geographical terrain.

60 kilometres of beaches bathed in the Atlantic, all with their own distinct natural features, all of them blessed with a privileged spring-like climate 365 days a year. 128 beaches to choose from marvellous beaches with ne golden sands. Peaceful and solitary coves accessible from the sea or down spectacular ravines, with clean, clear water that can be enjoyed in both winter and summer.

A sea of possibilities. We are surrounded by water, so enjoy it as
you will. There are 236 kilometres of coastline, warm waters, gentle breezes and spring-like temperatures that make up the infrastructures around the sports marinas in Gran Canaria, perfect for nautical enthusiasts throughout the year.

Relax in Gran Canaria

Sailing, surf, windsurf, bodyboard, diving, sports shing… For good reason, Gran Canaria is home to some thirty World Champions and six Olympic gold medal winners. Sports lovers have an endless choice of alternatives to combine their favourite exercise with lush countryside in the interior, plus stunning coastal views.
The year round mild climate on the island invites one and all to do a wide range of sports in natural surroundings.

Hiking, climbing, surf or cycling routes are just some of the top choices for tourists in Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is the perfect
setting for golfers.
Fine weather throughout the year and eight superb golf courses, each with their own characteristics and all within a 50 km radius of one another.

Playing golf in Gran Canaria much more than just doing sport, it is a tradition that goes back to 1891, the year in which the Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas was founded, the rst Golf Club in Spain. Since that time, Gran Canaria has been well known as the ideal place to play golf, every single day of the year.

An oasis for your health. Gran Canaria offers a wide range of spa and thalassotherapy centres. The nest professionals in the eld of wellbeing, and the latest relaxation and personal care treatments are available right here at the destination designed for resting.

Nature has joined forces with Gran Canaria to offer visitors an endless list of therapies to aid rest. Treatments with Aloe Vera, algae, sea muds, salt baths and hydrotherapy are just some of the choices on offer at the Spa and Thalassotherapy centres in Gran Canaria, the perfect destination to disconnect and regain vital energy.


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Source: Canarias Tourism Board.

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