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Since Antiquity, Humanity has experienced the awe of water and healthy spaces in a special way, and since the first tribal settlements, man has situated his home in fertile areas near rivers, oceans, forests, trees, fountains. . .

Today, this need to live in a healthy way and enjoy nature is also ubiquitous, but it plays a different role. Daily life is carried out in cities and areas saturated with noise and pollution, and so it becomes indispensable to escape in search of natural areas for relaxation.

The province of Cadiz is an established destination for many of those who enjoy this “Healthy Tourism,” since it offers all the possibilities: to sleep in cosy mountain hotels, relax in spas with natural water springs, to stay on cliffs overlooking the sea, to enjoy sports and leisure acti- vities and to feel better with beauty and relaxation treatments…

The hotels, clinics and health centres surrounding the Cadiz coast and inland are prepared daily to pamper, care for and serve guests, offering what they are looking for: rest, healthy diet, warm environment and contact with nature.

And for the dynamic visitor, quality tourism: varied, rich in gastronomic, cultural and natural variety and with a heritage as different as it is interesting throughout history.

A varied offering to enjoy in a relaxed manner. The Balneario de Chiclana (Fuenteamarga), is one of the most underapprecia- ted riches of this city. Its mineral-medicinal waters are especially indicated for rheumatoid and trauma-related healing, skin and respiratory problems, as well as one of the great evils of our times, stress.

With 200 years of experience, they offer the satisfactions of our grandparents in a century in which quality of life and relaxation should prevail in our daily exis- tence.


Dormant Waters Baths and Hydromassage
. Indicated for relaxation and treat- ment of skin problems, trauma and rheumatism.

Three-column shower and spray. Indicated for blood and lymphatic circulation, as decontracting and rela- xing.
Hydro hand baths / Hydro foot bath Indicated for local arthritic pains and to improve circulation.

Inhalations / Nasal Sprays / Pharyngeal Showers
. Indicated for acute and chronic pathologies of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

Muds. Indicated as anti-inflammatories, exfoliants and relaxants. Therapeutic MassageApplied by physiotherapists, with extensive experience in increasing mobility, decontracting and relaxing our body

Hammam located in a small alley in the Historical District of Jerez, just steps from the Cathedral. A magical corner to experience the refinement and exquisi- teness of Al-Andalus.

Located in an 18th Century palace where stucco, tile, coffering, towelling and carving join with the magic of water and music to offer a unique environment.


Warm , hot and cold baths. Relaxation room. Massage room.
Hammam: room with two marble beds where we provide our special treat- ments with exfoliation and bath or clay or aloe vera.


Andalusian Bath

Bath + body exfoliation + clay + 30 min. massage.
Natural Aloe Vera BathBath + body exfoliation + aloe bath + 30 min. massage.

Chocolate Bath

Bath + body exfoliation + chocolate bath + 30 min. massage.
Aloe facial TreatmentBath + natural aloe vera facial treat- ment + 20 min. foot massage.



Arab Baths: Distinguished from Turkish baths by having 3 separate rooms, the first to rest and relax (warm-up room), a second room with a type of pool with cold water and the last room with hot water.

SPA: Originally a Latin term “Salus per Aquam” (Health through water). A spa is a space for well-being where treat- ments done with water are applied. Their purpose is to promote relaxation, vitality and health.

Talasoterapia: Hydrotherapy treatment done using sea water (Gr. Thalassa). It also incorporates marine elements such as algae, mud and thermal plank- ton for application in various treat- ments (muds, etc.).


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Source: Cádiz Tourism Board.

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