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Welcome to Murcia. The city of sun, light and the ideal temperature a place of eternal spring. A site of history and future, where the landscape outlines on the horizon a town of cultures that has borne witness to the most prodigious historical events.

Murcia is a municipality ranked as the seventh most populous in Spain and which o ers numerous tourism opportunities due to its vast historical and cultural heritage enriched by the blending of the Arab, Jewish and Christian cultures that evolved around the River Segura, the origin of Murcia and which today gives it life.

The people of Murcia are friendly and open. The location of Murcia Region as a borderland and a transit point for important civilisations has made the people generous towards strangers and welcoming of the unknown, something which has enriched us and given us a very particular culture that has grown over time and is now often expressed in our traditions and celebrations, many declared of International Tourist Interest.

The river forms the backbone of the city and has supplied generations of local people who have worked the surrounding land. It is privileged cropland which, thanks to the genius of Miguel de Unamuno, clinched its fame as “the most fertile plain of cities and the most city-like fertile plain”. An upshot of that is the wide food o er based on quality produce like the fruit and vegetables that are farmed here, cooked with great skill and often exported to the rest of the world.

Poet Jorge Guillén de ned Murcia as “the only place in the world where you can breathe the light” and it is true that we are very fortunate when it comes to the weather. The sun shines more than 300 days a year, inviting people to play out their lives in the streets, the squares and the other public places where there is also a perfect communion with the cultural o erings featuring art, music and creativity. We have a large population of young people from which our local talent emerges and to whom we o er important professional opportunities to guarantee their future.

Murcia, designed as a ‘smart city’, is conceived as a place for the 21st century which is planning major strategic developments that will completely revamp its future, where opportunity knocks and in which tourism possibilities are driven by the Murcian people themselves.

Murcia enjoys a very mild Mediterranean climate, as the close proximity of the sea acts as a heat bu er. Average annual temperatures in Murcia are around 18 °C. Winters are mild, with an average in January of 10.2 °C, and summers are very hot, with an average of 25.7 °C.


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Source: Murcia Tourism Board.

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