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The weather in Tenerife is a safe bet. You can travel to the island at any time of year without worrying about what the weather will be like or what to pack. The annual average is 22 oC and it almost never rains, so the temperature is always pleasant. Whenever you go, it will be spring. Furthermore, you will be surprised to discover a signi cant variety of micro-climates, so the sun is always guar- anteed and you only have to choose where to go, depending on what you feel like doing at any time.

What’s best: you don’t need to take long journeys or leave Europe to get away to an exotic, volcanic island like this one. You’ll be here in just over two hours on a plane from mainland Spain, and in about four from most other European capitals. Connections are excellent from January to December. You won’t have any trouble travelling whenever you feel like it. Come on – it’s very, very close.

No other destination in Europe has a fuller or better quality infrastruc- ture than Tenerife. Of course, there are magni cent four- and ve- star hotels and luxury resorts, but there is much more. You will see that there are charming little boutique hotels, some in lovely historical villages, and country houses surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

For those who are looking for more privacy, there are fabulous villas. They are all very exclusive, with everything down to the small- est detail, and they have a la carte services that may include a butler, a cook, massages at home, and much more. You can order a bath to your liking, with the scent you prefer, and afterwards have a relaxing massage on the terrace, while you gaze at the sea next to your private pool… The villas are always in places of privilege – most of them on the coast, in quiet settings and surrounded by gardens. You’ll feel like you’re in your own personal paradise… And you’ll nd it dif cult to leave!

Tenerife will afford you a thousand unique experiences. In Teide National Park, you’ll feel like you’re on another planet in a gigantic space – all lava and silence. Travel around it in a rented four-wheel drive or a convertible sports car. Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain, reaches a height of 3,718 metres and has an impressive crater. At night, contract a guided tour to watch the stars. You’ll see them shine like never before, in one of the clearest skies in the world.

Sail the Atlantic in an elegant yacht. The sea is calm here and the crew will take you wherever you like. You can watch whales and dolphins while sipping a cocktail or enjoying some sun on deck. They’re very sociable and they might even accompany you on your voy- age. It’s fascinating.

Ask at your hotel and choose your experience: Dive over the volcanic seabed, learn to sail by yourself, or simply sip a fresh fruit juice served on the seashore… You can also do a trail to get to know the island’s volcanoes. There are hundreds of cones and thousands of traces of old eruptions. Or get lost in the laurisilva, or take a motorbike ride around spectacular places. Almost half of Tenerife is pro- tected. Imagine the scenery.


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Source: Tenerife Tourism Board.

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