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This is an inviting town that loves its traditions and has been open to tourism for decades. In the Region of Valencia, receiving the traveller is a duty of courtesy that has become a profession, carried out with an informal style.

Like a surprising, large and diverse kaleidoscope, the Region of Valencia is spread along the shore of the Spanish Mediterranean. It is an inviting and sunny territory with open and active people. It is a land that, bordering the sea for over 500 kilometres, changes its landscape and becomes mountainous in the interior, in the areas that border Aragón and Castilla-la Mancha. Changing and renewed, full of charming sites, the Region of Valencia hopes to capture the traveller’s senses.

For thousands of years, expansive and cordial people, hard-working and festival-loving, attentive to agriculture, industry and commerce, have lived between the generous soil and a blue sky that stays clear most of the year. This is the famous land of rice and the fertile orange tree orchards. But it is also the land of olive oil and wine, as well as fruit and almond trees that look out to the sea.
Surprises are still possible in the Region of Valencia.

Here, discovering the landscape is an adventure that turns the trip into an unforgettable personal experience. As inviting as they are lovers of their own traditions and roots, the Valencian people have been open to tourism for decades, a duty of courtesy that has become a profession carried out with affection and an informal style. It does not matter where we go. From north to south, going wherever they

wish, in this land the tourists soon become travellers; and at once they become a guest that is treated as if they were in their own home. In the Region of Valencia, the experience of travelling is always a safe bet. Rock fortresses and thermal springs, solitude and jubilation, sea and mountain, sun and soil: the ranges of colours and tastes are always open in the Region of Valencia. Because this is a land of contrasts, of flavours and aromas, of complementary and varied places.


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Source: Valencian Community Tourism Board.

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