Hello!, My name is Dracula


From the dark night, the sounds seep into a midnight slumber’s vision of a charming man who has a commanding air about him. Waking, you follow a pull to the drafty old room’s lead-paned window.

Small wings suspend the creature whose tiny red eyes adhere to your sleepy gaze. You sense its primal purpose, feel its instinctive persistence drawing you closer. Your arm extends to the window dividing you from predestination, reaching forward into another terrible dream of free-falling into blackness.

Morning brings bright reassurance, along with a stiff neck and headache. You must have slept wrong in the finely made guest bed, and had too much of the dark red wine your host served with dinner.


If they dare, travelers on the Dracula trail can follow the vampire prince from birth to burial. Vlad Dracula entered this world in the Transylvania town of Sighisoara, noted for one of the region’s few walled fortresses. The house of Dracula’s birth, marked with a mod- est plaque on the door, now multitasks as a restaurant serving Roman- ian cuisine and a small museum of medieval weapons used during Vlad’s rule.

Although Castle Bran is strongly associated with Vlad Dracula, the foreboding edifice actually has the weakest historical ties to the Impaler. Perched at the apex of a narrow, climbing road near the city o Brasov, the massive stone building clearly inspired the cinematographers and animators who worked on just about every “Dracula” film project.

In reality Vlad the Impaler was rumored to have only briefly stayed at the castle. The Transylvanian tourist industry originally presented Castle Bran as Dracula’s because of its appearance and accessible loca- tion closer to main highways in Romania. As a result, Castle Bran draws hundreds of visitors a day and is still the best place to buy Dracula merchandise.

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Fuente: Oficina de Turismo de Rumanía

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